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The MLS is the highest level of American football, and it has recently gained prominence after being overshadowed by its European counterparts in the early 2000s. The name recognition may not be on par with the Premier League or La Liga, but the league has gotten more competitive in recent years and has begun generating internationally recognized players.


After being eclipsed by their European counterparts in the early 2000s, Major League Soccer (MLS), the highest level of American football, has recently risen to popularity as a leading football betting market. The name recognition may not be on par with the Premier League or Serie A, but the league has gotten more competitive in recent years and has begun generating internationally recognized players. As a result of the United States’ repeal of the federal ban on sports betting, the top football betting sites are focusing more on the Major League Soccer.

MLS Betting Odds and Lines


Reading American odds might be challenging for those unfamiliar with sports betting. Typically, American odds are provided in the format -150, +150, or EVEN (equivalent to +100). A negative number indicates that you will win less than your gamble, whilst a positive number indicates that you will win more than your wager. A game’s favorite is indicated with a lower number.


Even odds indicate that you will win precisely the amount you wager. Positive odds, such as +150, indicate that a gamble of £100 will return £150. Betting negative odds like -150 means you’d have to bet £150 to make £100. If you’re in doubt regarding the payoff of a set of odds, definitely turn to an odds calculator.


Spread betting, over/under wagering, and “money line” wagering are the most popular wagers on MLS games.


Spread betting requires the favorite to win by X number of points or the underdog to lose by fewer than X points for you to win the wager.

Over/under wagers depend on whether the total number of points scored by both teams exceeds or falls below a predetermined number.

Moneyline wagers include picking a winner outright. Because draws are permitted in football league competition, this three-way line includes odds on a draw.

Keep in mind that many of the better online betting companies will offer in-play betting on Major League Soccer games, allowing you to wager while the game is in progress.

Top MLS Bets


During each week of the MLS season, there are numerous games to wager on, with some of the best wagers available over action-packed weekends.


In addition to totals, Asian Handicap, 3-way spreads, game props, and cards, bettors can wager on many of the same outcomes in Major League Soccer as they can in other foreign leagues.


As betting on the MLS becomes popularity, American bookmakers continue to offer markets and odds. Some games will provide more than 200 wagering possibilities, with cash out accessible on a number of them. Truly, there is something for virtually everyone.

MLS Forecasts


Betting on favorites based on preseason predictions is usually a popular approach to make money. Owing to the duration of the season and the multitude of possible outcomes, it is typically possible to win more money than one wagers, especially while betting on the favorites. Some forecasts to consider:


MLS Cup Champion

Unlike the major European leagues, the MLS holds a postseason competition. This means that predicting the league champion involves predicting the winner of the MLS Cup at the end of the year. The ability to select a winning team adds an additional layer of complexity.


Golden Boot

The Golden Boot is the honor presented to the league’s leading scorer throughout the season. That may require some educated guesswork to determine. However, in contrast to European leagues, a new striker is more likely to make an immediate impact in the MLS and compete for the Golden Boot in their first season.


Popular MLS Betting Markets

In addition to wagering on the general outcome of a game, specialized proposition wagers are also common among bettors.


Half Time/Full Time | Forecasting the team in the lead at halftime and the winner at the end of the game is a common strategy to enhance odds without being very detailed about the game’s outcome.

Corner Props | If a bettor believes they understand the playing styles of both sides, they may choose to wager on the over/under of corners in a match. When an attacking side faces a defensive team, there may be numerous corners.

Exact Score | Do you believe your crystal ball is flawless? If you correctly predict the exact score at the conclusion of the game, your wager will be multiplied by ten or more. Much better if you can correctly guess the score for just the first half.

Next Goal | Another in-game prop bet, players can wager on which team will score the next goal (Team A, Team B, no goal). If a bettor can correctly interpret the flow of a game, he or she could make a quick profit.

MLS Betting Tips

As in many other sports, the attitude of “any given gameday” applies. There are several opportunities for upsets due to the duration of each season and uncontrolled events like as injuries and multiple games every week. A few additional factors to consider before placing a wager on a game.


The Residence

The MLS may not have any stadiums with the same imposing presence as Anfield in the Premier League, but home field advantage can be crucial in certain situations. Portland, Seattle, and Kansas City are three Major League Soccer (MLS) cities noted for their home field advantage. Betting on the appropriate home game could be profitable, as fans can provide a big edge in the appropriate venues.


Environment and Climate

This consideration of the weather should extend beyond rain and sun, although faster, more athletic teams will have an advantage in wet games. Because the United States is so vast, the climate can vary significantly depending on where a team plays. Minnesota’s late-season trip to Orlando could result in a bewildered Minnesota team playing in what is essentially summer heat, whereas Orlando will be accustomed to the heat and humidity.


MLS Standings

Just observing the standings of the teams can be helpful. Can a team from the bottom of the league defeat the league champion? Sure. Is it likely? Not at all The number of goals scored/allowed by a team should also be considered while examining the rankings. A team in the middle of the table that concedes many goals may struggle against a high-scoring squad.


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