Scratchcard for Dr. Love

Released in 2011, the online video slots game known as Dr. Love is powered by software developed by Microgaming. The hilarious and slightly corny activities of this phony doctor have now been pushed into the domain of scratch card games as a direct result of the game clearly striking a chord with players. The scratch-off card version of Dr. Love is easier to get the hang of, but it still offers a lot of entertainment value. I never imagined I’d be in a position to say this, but I’ll be honest and admit that playing scratch cards online is not one of my favorite ways to pass the time. Due to the fact that I find them to be so easy to understand and use, I much prefer to participate in a game of online video slots or an online table game such as online roulette. Nevertheless, I can state without a doubt that I had fun playing the Dr. Love Scratchcard game.

The Mechanisms Behind the Game

When it comes to a game like Dr. Love Scratchcard, keeping things as straightforward as possible is essential. You are not put to the test, which is understandable given that this is not the case. And I would have to add that this is where the attractiveness of an online scratchcard game resides – there is nothing required of you in order to participate. The only thing left for you to do is kick back, take it easy, pour yourself a glass of your preferred beverage, and light up a cigarette if you feel like doing so. In addition, if you intend to consume some alcoholic beverages before playing a scratch-off card game like Dr. Love, you should not, and I must emphasize this point once more, consume an excessive amount of alcohol. It may be a basic game that requires nothing more than clicking on a succession of squares – a total of nine squares – but these games may fly by rather quickly, and if you find yourself becoming tipsy while playing, you may find that you’ve depleted your financial savings! Therefore, the game can be understood in a very basic sense. You have a large square that has been cut into nine equal-sized squares, three in each row. All of the symbols from the first version of the online video slots game are included, and all you have to do to reveal three symbols that match is click on the button. The multiplier value of each symbol ranges from x1 all the way up to x1000, and they do not all start at the same place.

Symbols of Multiplication in Dr. Love’s Dr. Love Scratchcard contains all of the symbols from the first game, with the exception that in this game, all of the symbols act as multipliers. This is essentially what makes the winning potential of this title extremely exciting, and it’s all because of this. There are a total of seven symbols, and they are as follows:

The Pink Clock in x1 Position

The Flowers, times two

This is the Teddy x5

The Ambulance, times ten

This is the Nurse x50.

The Heart times a hundred

x1000 Dr. Love’s

As you can see, once you reach the ambulance level, your bankroll may start to experience some significant shifts in fortune. Obviously, in an ideal world, you will obtain Dr. Love each and every time, but given that this is gambling, you shouldn’t anticipate this to happen right away even though it is a possibility; nonetheless, who knows what will happen in the end? Today might turn out to be your lucky day.

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