Space Traveler: A Quick Rundown

In 2019, Lego reportedly commissioned The Harris Poll to survey 3,00 young people across three nations and find out their aspirations for the future. Three times as many people in the United Kingdom and the United States aspired to become YouTubers or Vloggers as aspired to become astronauts. Children, eh? More than half of Chinese respondents, though, said they hope to one day travel beyond Earth in search of “Space: the final frontier,” to paraphrase Captain Kirk. If you’re an adult with aspirations like these but didn’t make NASA’s cut, you don’t have to feel alone. Games like Red Tiger’s Astronaut give players a small taste of what it would be like to walk among the stars, if they use their imaginations.

So, are you prepared to use your creativity? If this is the case, Astronaut takes place aboard an interplanetary spacecraft or docking station, with the planet, stars, and gases visible through the windows. One of the most striking features of Astronaut is that, despite the grandeur of space, it does not have a conventional set of reels prominently displayed at the front. The only game components it features are a floating rock and two strips of reward values on either side of it. Detailed instructions are provided below.

A bet each game round might be anywhere from 10 pence to £/€2. The sole reel in this game is set in motion by pressing the spin button. A Green Crystal, a Red Crystal, or a Golden Shield will be revealed when it finally stops spinning. After catching a Green Crystal, you’ll be given the option to ascend the staircase and either Continue, Collect, or Take Half.

Keep on; play another round with the full pot still in play.

Take Half takes half of the pot in cash and lets you keep playing with the other half.

To collect is to withdraw all of one’s earnings at the end of the current gaming round.

The percentages of getting a Green Crystal or a Red Crystal, rounded to the nearest decimal, are shown above the reel. If additional Green ones fall, your odds of obtaining a Red Crystal improve. The paytable includes a recommended Best Gamble Strategy for those who are curious, but it’s difficult to predict the game’s volatility when players have so much say. However, the 96% RTP is unmistakable.

Spaceman: Extras for the Slot

At the conclusion of the reel’s rotation, either a Green Crystal, a Red Crystal, or a Golden Shield will be displayed.

Crystal in Green

The Green Crystal represents the next rung on the ladder of rewards. After that, you’ll be given the opportunity to collect your winnings, keep spinning, or cash out by clicking the Take Half button (which will cut the reward ladder in half). The higher a player climbs the ladder and the more valuable their prizes get, the more Green Crystals they must land in a single round.

Rubicon, Red

The round finishes and players only receive what they cashed out for if a red crystal appears. In order to begin a new round, play must go back to the beginning of the ladder.

Gold Sword

Last but not least, there’s the Golden Shield Crystal, which acts as a shield against the impending Red Crystal. When you place a Golden Shield, the game will spin continuously until you place a Red Crystal. If you shatter the shield by hitting the next Red Crystal, you’ll enter Advanced mode, where the awards at each subsequent rung of the ladder are increased. After that, they can choose to Take Half, Continue, or Collect the present amount.

Slot Verdict: Astronaut

You should realize that space travel is not a simple process. With thousands of satellites in orbit above Earth and reusable rockets, it may appear that way. Astronaut’s innovative, forward-thinking approach to online slots reflects the primary idea that you need some pretty advanced technology to leave Earth. Red Tiger has gone outside its design comfort zone and produced something completely new. The development team has dabbled in one-line games before, albeit not to the same level as Viral Spiral. There is only one reel and you can only place one symbol on it. It sounds and vaguely like the work of Games Global partner Crazy Tooth Studios. Obviously, not everybody will enjoy drinking Astronaut out of a vacuum-sealed pouch.

Even though it’s one of a kind, it’s not that dissimilar from other bitcoin crash games like Pragmatic Play’s casino game Spaceman. The maximum possible victory in a game like this cannot be achieved by just pressing the spin button. Nope, gamers will need all the mental fortitude they can muster to keep banging their heads on the Continue button until they succeed or come near. And when it’s down to the wire, how many people have the intestinal fortitude to gamble a huge victory for an even bigger win… or nothing at all? Some players just don’t have what it takes to stick with a game like this when the going gets tough, even if it means putting everything on the line for the opportunity at “ultimate glory.” The maximum win in Astronaut is 18,000 times the wager, or 48,000 times the wager in Advanced mode. Do you think you’d be able to press Continue if your current multiplier was 9,920x and the payout was either the grand prize or nothing at all? A bold move.

So, although daredevils may be drawn in by the difficulty, there is also plenty of room for chuckles on the lower tiers of Astronaut. Nobody ever said you had to go all out every single time. Those interested in accumulating little change are also welcome to participate. Even yet, getting the most out of Astronaut needs a different frame of mind than regular slots, thus in the end, the game seems to be targeting a rather small subset of the population. It’s distinctive, so it might appeal to some people while leaving others confused and frustrated.

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